camren + live on tour


don’t get it twisted like i respect bugs for being the best they can be in spite of their specific assigned flesh prisons and their ecological significance but they need to stay the fuck away from me 

Camila’s reaction to her speech before singing with Demi Lovato in The X Factor (x)


Zayn for the single cover of 'Steal My Girl'

"they said, to make her fall in love,
i had to make her laugh.
but every time she laughs,
i’m the one who falls in love.”


Camila and Dinah at One Direction’s concert 13/9/14 (xx)

You’re the smile on my face 
And I ain’t going nowhere 
I’m here to make you happy, i’m here to see you smile 

C: That doesn’t make sense.

L: That DOES make sense!